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Angela Carreon, FNP

Angela Carreon is a Family Nurse Practitioner at OLE Health’s Napa Valley Vintners South Napa Campus. In 2022, she celebrated 15 years with the organization. In asking Angela about her time with OLE Health, it’s clear that she is deeply committed to OLE Health’s mission and the Napa community. And it’s that commitment that keeps her here. 


What word would you use to describe OLE Health? 



What have you learned about yourself, your community, or health care since joining OLE Health? 

Our wellness is interconnected. A healthier Napa is healthier for my kids, which is healthier for me and makes the world a better place.


What is your favorite part of working at OLE Health? 
Serving the community in which I live.


What have been some of the highlights over the past 15 years?

I loved working Diabetes Group with Dr. Moore in years past. I loved Farmworker events where we saw patients in the vineyards and the COVID-19 vaccine clinic at its height felt like we were in this together!


How would you explain your job to a group of five-year-olds? 
I work as part of a team to make Napa healthier.


What is something that you wish more people knew about OLE Health?
OLE is at the heart of Napa Community (we have other sites but Napa is my site). We serve a huge portion of our town, and I feel a pulse as to how we are doing collectively.


What advice would you like to give to anyone new to OLE Health? 

Listen to each other, learn from patients, build relationships.