Patients Are Our Top Priority.

Welcome, New Patients!

At OLE Health, we put the patient at the center of everything we do. Our team-based care model is designed to help you live the healthiest life possible by providing a range of services when and where you need them. In fact, we are recognized as a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH). Part of being a Patient-Centered Medical Home means that you have a consistent team of providers, led by a primary care provider, who ensure you receive the care you need in a way that you can understand.

Selecting Your Primary Care Provider

OLE Health will work with you at or before your first appointment to help you find an available member of our medical team to serve as your primary care provider, or PCP. You can choose a provider of a specific gender, one who speaks a language other than English, or just an individual who makes you feel most comfortable. Your PCP will work closely with providers from our other departments (nutrition, behavioral health, dental, pharmacy, and care coordination) to help you manage your overall health and wellness. Your PCP will generally be your first point of contact. You can communicate with them, or any member of your care team, in between appointments via our patient portal.

If you wish to make an appointment, please call us (707) 254-1770.

OLE Health’s Patient Portal

Our portal is designed to make it easier to manage your health and communicate with your provider. All you need to get started is Internet access and an email address. Once you are registered as a patient, our online patient portal allows you to:

  • Make and view appointments
  • Review your medical records and test results
  • Request prescription refills
  • Send a message to your provider
  • Get educational information about health conditions
  • Track your physical activity, sleep, and nutritional information
  • Record results from at-home testing

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