Making a Difference Every Day

Because We Can Count on You, Our Patients Can Count on Us.

Since 1972, OLE Health has been delivering essential healthcare services to Napa and Solano communities. We offer expert family medicine, pediatrics, dental, vision, and behavioral healthcare that’s available and accessible to all, from the families who live here to the workers who make the Valley a world-class destination. We are the area’s only nonprofit community health center and the only fully bilingual primary care provider. OLE Health has a 50-year track record of being there to ensure healthcare for everyone regardless of ability to pay or immigration status.

Today, we provide care for more than 40,000 of our neighbors — 4 out of 5 of whom have an annual household income of $53,000 or less. For our patients, OLE Health is their safety net. Their lifeline.

And Our Safety Net? You. Our Community of Generous Supporters.

 From our humble beginnings as a volunteer organization to now operating a network of seven health centers with nearly 350 employees, we owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to the thousands of you who have given generously of your time, your monetary gifts, your expertise, and your counsel.

Your generous donations allow us to care for more than 35,184 total patients

1 in 4 (25%) children and 1 in 6 (17%) adults in Napa County come to OLE Health for care

OLE Health has cared for our community for 46 years, since 1972


 health centers


new patients per year


farmworkers and families rely on us

1 in 4

Napa County residents come to us for care, including

1 in 3 children


of OLE Health patients make less than $53,000/year to support a family of 4

1 of 2

providers in the city of Fairfield accepting Denti-Cal


preventative exams and screenings conducted


pounds of food distributed annually to families in need


people experiencing homelessness have a place to go for healthcare

Please Consider Giving Today.

COVID-19 Testing

A new mobile OLE On Wheels providing Covid testing in fields, factories, and throughout the community

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