We Are Committed to Caring for Our Community.

Providing Care That’s Committed and Compassionate.

Our focus since our founding in 1972 has been to serve the most vulnerable in our Napa and Solano communities. We are deeply committed to our mission and vision, and we take pride in providing high-quality care to all, regardless of their ability to pay.

Our Mission 

OLE Health builds stronger communities by ensuring high quality, comprehensive and personalized care for everyone who lives and works in the places we call home.

Looking Ahead: Our 10 Year Vision 

In the year 2032, OLE Health is the employer of choice, the healthcare provider of choice, and a driver of improved health outcomes in all the communities we serve.

OLE Health is viewed as more than just a health center or a place to get care; OLE Health is viewed as the hub of all things health and wellness related for every member of the community throughout their entire life span: same day access to care, specialty services, comprehensive radiology, primary care, behavioral health, dental, optometry, pharmacy, lab — it’s all under one roof. The name OLE Health is known by everyone in every community we serve and is even familiar in parts of California where we don’t have a physical presence.

OLE Health has been featured in national media, telling the story about a community health system that has inspired the United States’ healthiest towns and cities by creating a network based both on providing primary healthcare and offering a full range of wellness services all designed to enhance people’s lives. The best part — it’s all available at no cost.

OLE Health has been recognized for our leadership and commitment to environmental sustainability, continually finding ways to minimize our waste and carbon footprint.

Read the full OLE Health 10 Year Vision

2022-2025 Strategic Plan

As OLE Health celebrates 50 years of serving our community, we are excited to share with you a look ahead to the next decade as well as our strategies for the next three fiscal years. To achieve this, we brought together team members from across the organization — geographies, departments, tenure, front line to executives and board members — to do a deep dive into what matters most to us as an organization and how those values will best serve the future of OLE Health.

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