CommuniCare+OLE’s leadership includes the CommuniCare+OLE Executive Team, the Board of Directors (Operating Board), and the OLE Health Foundation Board of Directors. These groups work together to shape  policies and operations and determine the strategic direction for the organization.

Executive Leadership Team

Operating Board Members

The CommuniCare+OLE Board of Directors, also called the Operating Board, includes diverse voices from patients, community leaders, supporters, and healthcare industry leaders who help guide and counsel the organization with the goal of providing top-quality healthcare to all of our patients. As a Federally Qualified Health Center, at least 51% of our operating board must be current CommuniCare+OLE patients. 

Michael Golde, Chair

Pete Richmond, Vice Chair

Arthur Roosa, Treasurer

Iliana Chevez, Secretary

Rick Baker, MD

Beatriz Cabezon

Rose Conroy

Randall Cooksey

Deborah Goodin

Madeline Hernandez

Beatrice Labastida

Monin Martin

Patti McFarland

Jo Moore

Cephas Mugerwa

Bryan Nazario

Anna Roth

Zeenat Tariq

Ridge Tolbert

Lori Wilson 

Foundation Board Members

The OLE Health Foundation Board of Directors provides financial guidance and support to OLE Health’s ongoing operations and special projects, assuring that OLE Health has the funding to continue to provide high-quality primary healthcare to our entire community.

Naoko Dalla Valle Chair

Will Phelps Vice Chair

Pete Richmond Secretary

Rick Jones Treasurer 

Steve Fink 

Sarah Hansen

Darioush Khaledi  

Carlton McCoy 

Frank Naeymi-Rad

Claire Stull

Barry Waitte

Todd Zapolski 

Peter McCrea, Emeritus Member 

Alicia Hardy, Ex-Officio Member

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