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Alicia Hardy

Chief Executive Officer

Alicia Hardy is the CEO of CommuniCare+OLE. She originally served as CEO of OLE Health, first joining in 2009. She has two decades of experience in the fields of education, mental health, and health care administration. Alicia spent several years living and working abroad in both Peru and Nigeria, where she became passionate about working with underserved communities in initiatives related to health and wellness. After returning from South America, Alicia co-founded and taught at a charter school in the South Bronx with the goal of reducing academic disparities in the community. Alicia is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and has provided behavioral health care to patients both at the VA Medical Center in San Francisco and at OLE Health. She holds a master’s degree in Management and Planning from the School of Social Welfare at University of California-Berkeley and is a Pozen-Commonwealth Fund Fellow in Health Equity Leadership at Yale School of Management, pursuing her Executive MBA in health care. She has spent her time at OLE Health in various leadership positions, overseeing large-scale initiatives related to integration and redesign of care delivery systems and was appointed Chief Executive Officer in January 2018. Alicia lives in Napa, has three children, and is an avid runner.