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karen merzenich

Karen Merzenich, Certified Nurse Midwife

I changed careers to become a nurse midwife at age 40, having previously worked as a chef, a cooking instructor, a non-profit leader, and an internet marketer. I am fortunate now to have 2 wonderful, hilarious, healthy children. But, in between them, I suffered a devastating pregnancy complication which resulted in me being hospitalized for a month and my child passing away at 6 days old. This kind of tragedy commonly spurs a reckoning and reevaluating of life, and that was certainly the case for me. As I reflected on my situation, I started to look into what kinds of things people were doing to improve health for pregnant people and babies, especially for the most vulnerable and marginalized. I realized that what I most

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Allison Crisp, DO, MPH

Dr. Allison Crisp came to OLE Health in 2017 as a pediatrician. After serving as Medical Director for Pediatrics, she was appointed Medical Director

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Jennifer Wilson, MD

Spotlight Profile – Jennifer Wilson, MD Jennifer Wilson, MD, didn’t originally plan on being a physician. As an undergrad at UC Davis studying Molecular

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angel headshot photo

Angel Becerra Martinez

Meet OLE Health’s Fully Bilingual Registered Dietician OLE Health is committed to ensuring it provides fully bilingual care to its communities. Though we’ve expanded

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angela carreon profile

Angela Carreon, FNP

Angela Carreon is a Family Nurse Practitioner at OLE Health’s Napa Valley Vintners South Napa Campus. In 2022, she celebrated 15 years with the

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Johnny Weixler

Johnny Weixler joined OLE Health in 2021 as a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, but his career took an interesting and winding path. After

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