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Cheers to 15 Years: Natividad Macias and Brenda Aguirre

2023 service awards 143 (1)Natividad “Nati” Macias, Benefits Specialist

What brought you to OLE?
I was attracted to working at OLE Health because of its mission. Coming from an immigrant background, I was impressed by the quality of healthcare given to all residents of Napa County. I was touched by the caring nature of the staff and providers when I needed assistance.

Tell us about your OLE career.

I started at OLE in March of 2008 as a Pharmacy Assistance Program Application Assistant. In April of 2011 I was promoted to Pharmacy manager, where I was able to work with the team to grow the Pharmacy Assistance Program. After a couple of years, I moved to Pear Tree Lane where I was the Health Center Manager for five years. I then moved to the Human Resources department, where I was the HR Generalist for two years. Since 2020 I have held the role of Benefit Specialist, a role that continues to expand.

What keeps you at OLE?
It is the positive impact we have on our community. We have expanded from Napa County into Solano, and our expansion has allowed our services to reach more lives in our communities. Our company also supports professional growth; I am an example of that, having had 5 different roles in the last 15 years. I am passionate about helping others and have received my Professional Human Resources certificate in my field. I continue learning, and my ambition to grow in my field helps drive me day to day. I am excited for what the future holds!

brendaBrenda Aguirre, Patient Access Supervisor

I started with Sister Ann Dental. When we merged, I worked the front desk. In March of 2020, I became the front office supervisor for four dental sites at OLE.

What do you enjoy most about working at OLE?
I love being able to help the community.

What have you learned working at OLE?
How dental health contributes to your overall health. I have also gained invaluable leadership skills, because of the opportunities I have been given.

What advice do you have for someone just starting out at OLE?
Be your best at all times and express your ideas.