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OLE Health to Significantly Expand its Presence in Fairfield-Suisun

Building Purchase Will Enable Better Patient Access and Increased Administrative Functions

FAIRFIELD – December 14, 2021 – OLE Health announced today that it has closed escrow on the purchase of the building at 470 Chadbourne Road, which is the site of one of its current full-service primary care facilities in Fairfield. At this site, OLE Health provides primary care, behavioral health, nutrition, and dental services to roughly 1000 patients each month, many of whom are on Medi-Cal or are uninsured.

“OLE Health is invested in the Fairfield-Suisun community,” said Alicia Hardy, Chief Executive Officer for OLE Health. “Purchasing the facility on Chadbourne Road is just one way we plan to demonstrate our deep commitment to this community. Solano County is designated as a health professionals shortage area for primary care, dental, and behavioral health, and we look forward to increasing access to these services in Fairfield-Suisun.”

The 24,000 square foot building was purchased from CDI, LLC for $4.05 million. OLE Health plans to build out the space and increase the number of exam rooms for medical and behavioral health services, which will increase capacity for patient visits and coordination of care. While the exact plans for the space are still being determined, the current facility has seven exam rooms and four dental operatories. The expansion should increase space for patient services. OLE Health will also have a significant administrative presence at the Chadbourne health center, which demonstrates its deepening commitment to the community.

OLE Health has two health centers in Fairfield. The Chadbourne Road location and another across from NorthBay Medical Center on B. Gale Wilson Boulevard. The Chadbourne facility opened its doors in 2015. As the larger facility, OLE offers medical, dental, behavioral health, and nutrition services on Chadbourne Road. There are three full-time medical providers based on Chadbourne Road and one full-time dentist. Two behavioral health providers and one registered dietician also see patients several days a week at the facility.

The B. Gale Wilson location opened in 2018 in partnership with NorthBay Healthcare and offers primary care and behavioral health services. There are four full-time medical providers who provide comprehensive primary care services to children and adults and two behavioral health providers who split their time between B. Gale Wilson and Chadbourne Road.

OLE Health and Solano County are the only operators of Federally-Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) in Fairfield-Suisun. To be an FQHC, a facility must accept all patients regardless of insurance or ability to pay. OLE Health’s presence in Fairfield provides a safety net for the uninsured and underinsured in Fairfield-Suisun and surrounding areas, which cuts down on unnecessary emergency room visits and improves health outcomes. By expanding its presences, OLE Health hopes to continue to improve the health of the most vulnerable members of the Fairfield-Suisun community.

About OLE Health

Since 1972, OLE Health has provided comprehensive care to all individuals regardless of insurance or ability to pay. OLE’s Health offers primary care, dental, optometry, and behavioral health services and embraces a patient-centered model of care. By emphasizing care coordination across departments, as well as referral and enrollment services, we ensure all the patients’ health and well-being needs are met. OLE Health has seven clinics across Napa and Solano County and serves 40,000 patients annually.