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Announcing CommuniCare+OLE

CommuniCare Health Centers and OLE Health Execute Merger to Become CommuniCare+OLE

New Organization Will Care for more than 70,000 People

Across Napa, Solano and Yolo Counties

October 2, 2023 – Napa and Davis, CA – Today, OLE Health of Napa and Solano and CommuniCare Health Centers of Yolo County announced that they have legally executed a merger between the two organizations and unveiled their new brand: CommuniCare+OLE. The new organization will provide primary care services including medical, dental, and behavioral health to more than 70,000 patients and clients across Napa, Solano, and Yolo Counties. As a critical part of the healthcare safety net, CommuniCare+OLE ensures care for everyone regardless of ability to pay or insurance status.

This unique partnership was visioned by Dr. Melissa Marshall and Alicia Hardy, CEOs of CommuniCare Health Centers and OLE Health respectively, to combine two strong organizations to proactively address challenges in the community health space. Within the new organization, Hardy will serve as CEO, and Marshall as Chief Strategic Officer.

“After independently working to solve many of the same problems for our patients, we saw the opportunity to join together in partnership to create a stronger system,” said Alicia Hardy, CEO of CommuniCare OLE. “In doing so, we can deliver better outcomes for our patients and clients while also increasing resources for employees and the communities we serve.”

Originally announcing their intention to merge in August 2022, the organizations have worked collaboratively over the last 13 months to align their systems while simultaneously navigating the regulatory and compliance work necessary to execute the merger.  

The name, CommuniCare+OLE, was chosen to honor the legacy of both organizations and the importance they hold in their communities. The new board and joint executive teams are also a blending of leadership from both organizations, underscoring the commitment to unite on equal footing.

The executive leadership team for CommuniCare+OLE is:

  • Alicia Hardy, CEO (formerly CEO, OLE Health)
  • Melissa Marshall, MD, Chief Strategic Advisor (formerly CEO, CommuniCare Health Centers)
  • Lynn Bramwell, Chief Administrative Officer/Chief Operations Officer (formerly COO, CommuniCare Health Centers)
  • Suzanne Eidson-Ton, MD, Chief Medical Officer (formerly CMO, CommuniCare Health Centers)
  • Gary Fedler, Chief Information Officer (formerly CIO, OLE Health)
  • Sara Gavin, LMFT, Chief Behavioral Health Officer (formerly CBHO, CommuniCare Health Centers)
  • Rose MacIsaac, Chief Financial Officer (formerly CFO, OLE Health)
  • Sonia Tolbert, Chief Development Officer (formerly CDO, OLE Health)
  • Andrew Torge, Chief Human Resources Office (formerly CHRO, OLE Health)

As a Federally Qualified Health Center, CommuniCare+OLE’s board must be comprised of 51% patients and demographically reflect the patients, clients, and communities served by the organization. Board members for CommuniCare+OLE are:

  • Michael Golde, Chair (Yolo County)
  • Pete Richmond, Vice Chair (Napa County)
  • Arthur Roosa, Treasurer (Napa County)
  • Iliana Chevez, Secretary (Yolo County)
  • Rick Baker, MD (Yolo County)
  • Beatriz Cabezon (Yolo County)
  • Maira Ayala Calderon (Napa County)
  • Rose Conroy (Yolo County)
  • Randall Cooksey (Yolo County)
  • Deborah Goodin (Napa County)
  • Madeline Hernandez (Napa County)
  • Betty Labastida (Napa County)
  • Cynthia Macias (Napa County)
  • Monin Martin (Napa County)
  • Patti McFarland (Napa County)
  • Jo Moore (Napa County)
  • Cephas Mugerwa (Solano County)
  • Bryan Nazario (Napa County)
  • Anna Roth (Solano County)
  • Zeenat Tariq (Yolo County)
  • Ridge Tolbert (Yolo County)
  • Lori Wilson (Solano County)

The OLE Health Foundation, a separate 501c3 founded in 1986 by vintner John Shafer to raise funds to support OLE Health’s work in Napa County, will continue to operate independently from CommuniCare+OLE. Funds raised by the Foundation will exclusively support work and services provided in Napa County health centers.

About CommuniCare+OLE

Established in 2023, CommuniCare+OLE is the result of a union of two health centers with a deep roots in their respective communities and reputations for providing high-quality primary care to all, regardless of insurance or ability to pay: OLE Health of Napa and Solano Counties and CommuniCare Health Centers of Yolo County. Building on a legacy established by both organizations in 1972, CommuniCare+OLE is a network of federally-qualified health centers with 17 sites across Napa, Solano, and Yolo Counties. It offers comprehensive care, including medical, dental, behavioral health and substance use treatment, nutrition, optometry, pharmacy, care coordination, referrals, and enrollment assistance to more than 70,000 individuals, and no one is turned away due to lack of insurance, immigration status, or ability to pay. Many services are offered outside of its sites, including mobile health, home visiting, and community and school-based programs.