Patient Stories

Joan’s Story

Joan has been a patient of OLE Health since 2003. Around that time, she had been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid, which was affecting her energy level and metabolism. She needed to establish care with a provider to manage the condition.

While OLE Health focuses on preventative care, many of our patient have complex health needs or manage chronic conditions. As a patient-centered medical home, each patient is assigned a primary care provider and works with an integrated care team to ensure they have access to services they need in a way they can understand them. For patients managing chronic conditions, this can make a huge difference. For Joan, it’s the staff at OLE Health that makes the difference.

“My medical journey has been a bit of a roller coaster, especially in recent years, but that is what has made OLE Health such an important part of my life in managing my care. I have met and been cared for by so many wonderful people along the way. Martha at reception will always be one of the nicest! I remember Alicia, Kathryn, Connie, Jesus, and most recently – and especially – Robin.”

Through the years, Joan has experienced other health challenges, but OLE Health has been there for her through it all. In 2020, she established care with Robin McIntyre, a Family Nurse Practitioner who works at our East Fairfield Health Center.

Robin has connected her with specialists, helped her get different medications and procedures, and has always made sure to fully answer Joan’s questions and address her concerns.

“Robin was the best and most compassionate advocate for me, specifically when I had complications from a procedure. The surgeon did not really seem to care about the challenges I was facing, but she fought for me multiple times and seemed to be the only one listening.”

Robin has advocated for Joan to ensure she gets what she needs, but she’s also helped her learn to ask questions and push back to ensure whatever treatment is recommended works.

“The time she takes beyond medical appointments to do this for me has been amazing. Otherwise, the most important aspect for me has been that, despite being a challenging patient, she has always been exceptional at hearing my needs and being on the same page with me through what has literally been the most difficult year of my life, medically speaking. I will always feel incredibly grateful and fortunate that I ended up in her care!”

Even though it was very important to Joan that Robin be recognized, Joan values everyone who has cared for her at OLE Health.

“I have learned to be an advocate for myself. I’m grateful for the various providers that have allowed me to ask the questions and get connected to the right care, both inside and outside of OLE. I would tell anybody that is unfamiliar with OLE Health that the people are amazing and do the best they can to make you feel that you are in great hands.”