Telehealth & Virtual Visits

Preparing for your virtual visit

There are a few things you can do ahead of time to help your virtual health visit run smoothly, especially if you’re using video to talk with a doctor.

Write it down.

  • Just like an in-person visit, you’ll want to write down important information to make the best use of your time with the doctor.
  • Make a list of your current medications (or gather the actual bottles).
  • Write down symptoms, questions, or concerns you want to discuss during the appointment, so you don’t forget them.
  • If your doctor has requested information like your temperature or weight have this information ready.
  • Have some paper to take notes about what you find out during the e-visit.

Check your email for instructions.

  • Be sure to review any email, texts, or other communication from your doctor’s office with details about your upcoming appointment and how to log on or use their technology.

Reduce background noise.

  • This can be tricky when there are a lot of people in the house! But if you can, find a quiet activity for the kids — or your roommates — in a separate room.

Close other applications.

  • Some applications will slow down your internet connection. And even if they don’t, closing them will cut down on distractions.

Secure Video Conferencing Instructions – Zoom Only

Get camera ready

Choose a spot with plenty of light.

  • If you’re using the camera on your phone, try turning on the flash if necessary.

Make sure the camera is steady.

  • This will be easier if you’re using a computer or laptop. To keep a phone steady, prop it up on a desk or table.

Get comfortable

  • You’ll have an easier time focusing on the visit if your body is comfortable. This is another reason to prop up your phone — your arm will get pretty tired if you’re trying to hold the phone out in front of you the whole time!

Wear loose clothing.

  • If you’ll need to show the doctor something on your skin or a specific part of your body, wear something that’ll be easy to move so that the doctor can see clearly.

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