The OLE Health Story

In January 1972 at a meeting of the Organizacion Latino Americana de Liberacion Economica (O.L.L.E.) a local farmworker named Placido Garcia asked why Napa county did not have a Health Clinic for low-income, uninsured and Spanish speaking workers like the one in Healdsburg.

September 17, 1972 Clinica OLLE opened its doors at the Rutherford Information Center

Over the next three years, the staff- mostly volunteer or loaned from local hospitals – remained small. Services were provided in Rutherford and flu shot clinics were held in St. Helena and Calistoga.

In September of 1975 Clinic Ole moved to renovated space in the La Luna building in Rutherford.

By June 1976 Clinic Ole had received sufficient funds from the California Rural Health Program to hire three paid staff members (a director, an FNP and an Assistant).

On September 16, 1980 a fire destroyed the Clinic’s facility in Rutherford, causing $65,000 in damage and making the clinic inoperable at the La Luna building. However, the Board and staff responded quickly and within 10 days, Clinic Ole resumed services in space loaned to us at the Veteran’s Home.

By November 1980 the Clinic was back in business in Rutherford using a modular unit loaned to us by St. Helena Hospital.

Unfortunately, in January 1981 Clinic Ole received notice for the California Rural Health Division that our funding would be discontinued in June. Despite efforts to reverse the Rural Health Division’s decision, the funds were eliminated, forcing the Board of Directors to seek alternative funding sources, including private fundraising. These efforts were successful and the Clinic was able to remain open.

By Summer of 1981, Clinic Ole purchased the modular unit from St. Helena Hospital at a very low cost, thus reducing rent expense.

In 1983 after a zoning change was passed, the modular unit was relocated to Yountville, near the Town Hall, where it would remain for 11 years. Also, in view of its support from the entire community and that its services were available to all low income and uninsured residents of Napa County, the Clinic changed its name to Community Health Clinic Ole.

1984 marked the first year that Clinic Ole received funds from the then Napa Valley Wine Auction, making it the third beneficiary to receive Auction support after Queen of the Valley and St. Helena Hospitals. The Clinic continued to grow, serving 1459 patients in 1985.

In 1986 the Clinic Ole Foundation was created.

We hired our first Executive Director in 1991  and our first Medical Director in 1992. By the end of 1991 the Clinic was serving almost 1,200 patients a month all from the modular unit in Yountville.

On October 5, 1993, Clinic Ole opened a satellite clinic in St. Helena, after a fund raising effort raised more than $60,000. We also began to provide services that year at Napa’s homeless shelter.

In June 1994, we opened the new Napa Clinic at 935 Trancas Street, across from Queen of the Valley Hospital.

In 1995, we welcomed our first full-time physician, Dr. Robert Moore, who became Medical Director in 1998. That year, Clinic Ole began providing services to the residents of the Lake Berryessa area, first out of an old A&W restaurant and then from a modular unit provided by Queen of the Valley Hospital. Services at Lake Berryessa were discontinued in 2003, as patients found it more convenient to use the Napa clinic.

In 1999 at the invitation of the City of Calistoga, Clinic Ole opened a part time clinic at the Calistoga Elementary School in conjunction with the Calistoga Family Resource Center.

On August 27, 2002 the clinic on Pear Tree Lane opened its doors. Clinic Ole was the anchor tenant, occupying 55% of the building having increased its clinical space from 9 to 20 exam rooms.

In November of 2005, Sister Ann Community Dental Clinic and Community Health Clinic Ole merged into one organization. In March 2007, we began providing dental services at our new, expanded site in Calistoga.

In 2005 Clinic Ole became a Federally Qualified Health Center– the only non-profit community health center in Napa County- and a model for community clinics throughout California.

In 2006-2007 OLE Health provided nearly 52,000 medical and dental visits.

In 2006 OLE Health started providing medical services at the Homeless Shelter – two shifts per month.

2008 Healthy Moms and Babies merged with OLE Health and in 2009 we began providing services to Voices – an organization that serves the county’s young adults that are aging out of the foster care system.

Today, OLE Health is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) and the only nonprofit community clinic in Napa County. We charge for services on a sliding fee scale, based on federal poverty guidelines.

In 2017, OLE Health serves 35,184 patients and enrolls an average of 300 new patients each month.

The Napa Valley’s needs are changing, with each day that passes, more and more of our neighbors are unable to access health care services because our region simply does not have the resources, facilities or medical providers needed to accommodate the children, seniors and families in desperate need of care in our community.

In an area known for world-class living and luxury, we can take the next step in leading the effort to expand access for our community’s most vulnerable populations including low-income residents, children,  and seniors. Learn more at buildingbetternapa.org.

Let us take care of you. We invite you to visit us. Celebrate good health.

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