Crystal Trevino – OLE Health Employee of the Month November 2021

Crystal Trevino, a patient access representative at our West Fairfield health center, grew up in Napa. She feels a deep connection to this community, and to the patients we serve. Crystal began her career in hospitality, working in hotels, restaurants, and catering.

Though she didn’t start her career in the health care field, she felt called to work in it. “I am a very sympathetic and caring person,” she says with the disclaimer that she isn’t trying to “toot her own horn.” She doesn’t need to offer that qualifier because her actions speak for themselves.

Crystal was nominated for employee of the month when her colleague saw her help a patient in the waiting room. A little boy who was probably 2 or 3 years old was sitting with his father and he got sick out of nowhere. The father was shaken, the boy looked upset, and Crystal rushed over to help the little boy get cleaned up and make sure he and his father were okay.

“In that moment, I didn’t care about the vomit. I just wanted to make sure the little boy and his father were taken care of. I told them that accidents happen, and there is nothing to be embarrassed about.”

The ability to jump in and do whatever it takes to help the patient is exactly what makes Crystal such a great patient access representative. Her job is to help the patient get their forms and paperwork in order, provide help with referrals, answer questions, get them set up with our sliding scale or payment plans, and any other duties as assigned. It’s a challenging job, and she approaches it with enthusiasm and empathy.

“Being a Latina, it’s really nice to be able to help members of my community and those from other backgrounds. This is right up my alley!”

When asked about her favorite part of her job, she doesn’t hesitate for a second before excitedly saying, “serving the community for sure! I love showing them that we are here, we listen, and we care. I want our patients to know that they aren’t alone.”

Care is a recurring theme when you speak to Crystal. In fact, when asked what she plans to do with the small bonus that comes with being named employee of the month, she says she already spend it – on her mother.

She tears up a bit as she shares, “My mom is my biggest role model, so I treated her. I got her a Ninja Grill that she had wanted as part of her Christmas gift.”

That bond with her mother is also reflected in the future Crystal sees for herself. She loves kids and feels like her purpose is to be a mom someday. It makes sense when you think about the traits that make Crystal so successful in her role: empathy, caring for others, and selflessness. When asked what made her come work here, her response says it all:

“I don’t know what else would have suited me other than serving my community.”

It’s clear that Crystal feels she is exactly where she belongs, and we couldn’t agree more!