Elizabeth Martorana, PA

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Martorana started at OLE health in 2010. She received her physician assistant and public health degrees from Touro University in 2007 and completed her neurobiology and physiology degree at University of California, Davis. Prior to coming to OLE Health, she worked as a clinical research coordinator at UC Davis Medical Center and then practiced primary care in a private practice in Napa. She specializes in family medicine and does a large range of in-office medical procedures. She also practices emergency medicine in the local ER.

My approach to care

My approach to care Is to provide patients with as much education about their health condition as possible so they can make decisions about their own care. I want all my patients to feel empowered to meet whatever wellness goals they have and feel my job is to support them in reaching those goals.

Why I went into healthcare

I became a physician assistant because I enjoy the investigative aspect of medicine and getting to know people and learning about their life journey. I believe all people deserve access to high-quality health care.

Something you might not know about me

I love home DIY projects. I get great satisfaction in building things and seeing the results of my work around my house.