Solano County Healthcare

Since the launch of our first OLE Health Center in Solano County, OLE Health has partnered with Aldea Children and Family Services to provide much-needed care for patients in the areas of adult health, pediatrics, dental care and behavioral health in Solano County. Since it’s opening in November, more than 600 patients have accessed healthcare at our new Fairfield location.

We are learning that Solano County is one of the most diverse counties in the nation (1) and that OLE Health will be working hard to meet the counties unique needs. Other community organizations in the area have also expressed the need for behavioral health, primary care, and dental services in the area for uninsured and patients with Medi-Cal.

OLE Health pediatrician Dr. Janice Kim (pictured) has been working on a health needs assessment of Solano County that will help OLE Health identify needs and resources available in the community. She has been researching data on the health makeup of the community and meeting with different organizations in the area to gain a clearer understanding of the patients that OLE is serving. Dr. Kim is also discussing her findings and information with other providers in Fairfield to help identify trends on the types of issues patients are presenting at our health center.

OLE Health Fairfield is planning a ribbon-cutting ceremony that will take place in the summer after additional providers join the health center and hours of service are moved to full-time. An Associate Medical Director and a family practice provider will be joining in the summer when the Fairfield facility will be operating full time with an additional evening clinic.

To schedule an appointment in Fairfield, call (707) 419-8989

1. Solano County, California is the 5th most diverse county in the U.S. (40.8% white/non-Latino, 14.2% African American, 0.5% Native American, 14.3% Asian American, 24% Latino, and 6.2% other)