Your Appointment

As your trusted healthcare home, we partner with you to keep you healthy. Preparing for your visit will help us give you what you need.

During your first visit at OLE Health, we would like to hear about your medical history, as well as information about any care you received outside of OLE Health. This should include your current medications, recent test results, visits to other doctors and healthcare providers, hospitalizations, and emergency department visits.

For every appointment:

  • Bring your list of medications so your care team can review them at your appointment
  • For children’s appointments, bring your child’s immunization records
  • Bring a picture ID and health insurance information (If you do not have health insurance, our Patient Services Department can help enroll you in Covered California)
  • Think about what you need to tell your care team (your medical history, past treatment, hospital visits, surgeries) and any questions you may have for them. Make a list and bring it to your visit.