Patient FAQ

How can I schedule a medical appointment?

If you are a New Patient you can call us at (707) 254-1777. We will help guide you through the registration process and book an appointment. If you are an existing patient you can schedule an appointment by calling your preferred site or by sending a message online through our new patient portal.

How can I leave a message for my provider?

You can send a message to your provider through the new patient portal, or to leave a phone message for your provider, please call your preferred site, and your call will be returned, usually by your provider’s nurse, within one business day.

How do I get a refill for my medication?

To request a prescription refill, please call the pharmacy where you picked up your medicine. The phone number can be found on your prescription bottle; if no refill is available, please call (707) 254-1770. Once we receive your request, your prescription will be ready within 3 business days.

When will I find out when my labs are ready?

If your tests are normal, you will not receive any notifications. If you would like to discuss your results, please make an appointment with your provider. If your test is abnormal, you will be called to schedule an appointment.

Does OLE Health offer after hours service?

Yes! Please call us:

Patients with Partnership Health Plan: (866) 778-8873

Medical or Dental: (800) 451-3916

Women’s Health Services: (800) 820-6912

We also have extended hours at many of our sites – please click here to see our hours.

I want to know more about the provider I choose for my health care. Is there more information available about the providers at OLE Health?

Please click here to view a bio and photograph of all our providers at OLE Health. Additionally, you can contact the Patient Services Department if you have questions about our providers.

I want my child to see a pediatrician, do you have pediatricians?

OLE Health does have pediatricians. We also have Family Medicine doctors that see children as well. 
You can learn more about our providers here.

I just lost my insurance coverage, does OLE Health offer assistance if I am uninsured?

If you are uninsured we charge for services on a sliding fee scale, based on your family income. We can help you. We can also help you reapply for insurance if you have lost coverage. Please call us at (707) 254-1777.

I got a bill from OLE Health and have questions about it.

Please call us at (707) 254-1784.