OLE Health offers a variety of integrated pharmacy services that help our patients live life well.

Pharmacy Hours:
Monday through Friday 9:00 – 5:30

The pharmacy is located upstairs at OLE Health 1141 Pear Tree Ln, Napa
(707) 603-1333




The OLE Health Pharmacy 

  • Integrated into the health center, so we can solve medication related problems easier as health care providers are onsite.
  • Fills prescriptions and gets refill authorizations faster than regular retail pharmacies
  • Accepts most insurances and will match or even beat outside pharmacies’ prices
  • Provides home medication delivery
  • Provides 340 Medication program for low cost generic medications

OLE Health Clinical Pharmacy Services

Our clinical pharmacy team works directly with patients and clinical staff to

  • optimize the safety and efficacy of prescribed medications
  • access the most cost-efficient medications, regardless of insurance issues
  • provide medication home delivery to all patients
  • provide medication education
  • provide comprehensive prescription information
  • provide side-effect management
  • provide instructions on insulin or inhaler use
  • provide anticoagulation management
  • provide medication reconciliation
  • monitor symptoms/responses to medication
  • collaborate with OLE Health providers to assess patient progress