Classes / Groups

Our job is to help you get well and stay well, which is why we provide many classes to help you manage your health and maintain a healthful, happy lifestyle.

All classes and groups meet at the OLE Health Center – 1141 Pear Tree Lane, Napa, CA 94558

To register, please call (707) 254-1770
All classes are offered at no cost unless specified

Healthy Living/Nutrition

Healthy Hearts Class

For persons who are at risk for or have high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Topics for heart health include: nutrition, physical activity, medications, and reducing long-term risks. Available in English and Spanish.

Family Nutrition Class

For parents of children and teens. Topics include: feeding techniques for children and teens, family meal planning ideas, and play/physical activity recommendations for life-long good health for your family. Available in English and Spanish.

Diabetes Programs

Diabetes Wellness Classes

For persons at risk for diabetes, persons with pre-diabetes or diabetes, and family members/caregivers of persons with diabetes. Topics include: nutrition, physical activity, diabetes medications, blood sugar monitoring, and reducing long-term complications. Available in English and Spanish.

Living with Diabetes Support and Education Group

This ongoing program is for persons with pre-diabetes or diabetes and caregivers/family members of persons with diabetes. Meet others living with diabetes, share concerns and coping strategies, and learn about ongoing strategies to manage diabetes. Available in English and Spanish.

Women's Health Services

Childbirth Preparation Classes

For pregnant women and their partners. Learn about labor and delivery through verbal and visual teaching sessions, including watching videos and doing exercises that can prepare you for labor. Four sessions – we ask that participants attend ALL sessions. Available in Spanish only.

Breastfeeding with Confidence Classes

For pregnant women who plan to breastfeed or are currently breastfeeding. Topics include: myths and facts about breastfeeding, low milk supply comfortable and effective breastfeeding positions, preventing common problems, importance of nutrition, breastfeeding resources and support. Four sessions – we ask all participants attend ALL sessions. Available in Spanish only.

Welcoming your Newborn Class

For parents of children who are expecting a newborn. Learn about how to prepare your children for the new baby and how to deal with jealousy and behavior change when a newborn is brought home. Available in Spanish only.

Caring for your Newborn Class

For parents who are anticipating a newborn. This class includes videos, photos and lifelike baby dolls to demonstrate how to take care of a newborn. Topics include: care of the umbilical cord, feeding a newborn, baby needs/cues, first bath and more. Available in Spanish only.

Enjoying Your Pregnancy

For women who are pregnant and want an opportunity to socialize, relax and be creative. Materials are provided to start baby’s first photo album; mothers bring some of your favorite photos. Available in Spanish only

Behavioral Health

Women’s Depression Support Group

For women ages 18 to 50 years. Provides a safe and supportive environment to share experiences and learn skills to improve quality of life while living with depression and anxiety. Topics include: coping skills, self-esteem, trust issues, relationship issues and more. Available in Spanish.

Aging Women’s Support Group

For women ages 50 and older. The group offers emotional support with a focus on acculturation, depression, isolation, bereavement and art therapy. Topics include: personal goals and quality of life. Available in Spanish only.

Adult Maintenance and Support Group

For persons living with depression, anxiety or PTSD who have completed long term (20-25 sessions) individual treatment. Topics include: coping skills, self-esteem, relaxation techniques and more. Available in English.

Chronic Pain Support Group

For persons living with chronic pain who would like to learn new techniques and strategies for taking control of their lives. Topics include: the science of chronic pain, exploring how we think about pain, empowerment and coping for self-management of pain, enhancing effectiveness of pain meds, discussing how pain impacts relationships, and the role of depression and anxiety. Available in English.

Depression and Bipolar Support Group

For individuals living with major depression or bipolar disorders and/or family members seeking information on mood disorders. Provides support, empowerment and education in a safe and caring environment to enhance quality of life for all. Available in English


Tuberculosis (TB) Group

For persons who are at risk for TB, have been to a country where TB is common, or have been exposed/been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with active TB. Topics include: TB signs/symptoms, treatment, medication side effects and more. *An assessment and referral is required by PCP.* Patients will have the option to schedule an individual consultation at the end of the group. Available in English and Spanish.

Adult Female Survivors of Sexual Assault

This group is intended to discuss the emotional, psychological and physical issues that arise after a sexual assault. Each group will be facilitated by a trained therapist, are free and completely confidential. We ask that participants make a firm commitment to attend all 8 sessions. Available in English and Spanish.

Crohn’s and Colitis Support Group

This group is intended for patients and their loved ones to share their stories, seek emotional support, find answers to their questions, and connect with a community who shares their challenges. Available in English and Spanish.

Legal Aid Clinic

For patients of OLE Health and their family members, regardless of immigration status. Provides consultation on a variety of issues including: immigration cases, domestic violence, Advance Health Directive, employment, foreclosures, wills, debt, housing issues, and evictions. Available in English and Spanish.

Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program (HICAP)

For individuals seeking information about Medicare rights, benefits and plans. Trained counselors can answer your questions about Medicare programs and services to help you make informed decisions. Available in English and Spanish.

Free Fruit and Vegetable Market

OLE Health and the Napa Valley Food Bank have partnered to provide FREE fruits and vegetables on the THIRD Friday of each month. This provides an opportunity to learn about community food resources and OLE Health services.