Behavioral Health

We recognize that stress, lifestyle, life circumstance, family issues, psychological problems, substance misuse and abuse and diminishing resources affect our patients’ health and well-being. This is why behavioral health services at OLE Health are recognized as a key option to help you meet your total health treatment needs. Sometimes, in order to improve your physical health, it is important to improve a current life circumstance that is causing you stress.

What are Behavioral Health Services?

Our behavioral health providers, as part of your primary care team, work with your primary care provider to evaluate barriers to your total health, and may address those barriers by providing brief, solution-focused interventions.

• Consultation
• Screening and mental health assessment
• Brief behavioral health interventions (typically 1-6 visits)
• Stress management
• Pain management
• Psycho-educational skills training
• Support groups
• Psychiatric medication evaluation and management
• Referral services to specialty mental health providers
• Resource referrals

Our behavioral health provider can meet with you during or after a primary care visit, or during separate scheduled visits.

Examples of Behavioral Health Concerns

• Stress
• Chronic Illness/Pain
• Anxiety/Fears/Phobias
• Depression
• Insomnia/Sleep Disturbance
• Grief/Bereavement
• Struggling to take your medication as prescribed or follow your plan of treatment
• Substance Use/Chemical Dependency

You are welcome at any time, to reach out to your primary care provider if you feel you may benefit from meeting with one of our behavioral health providers.