Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

OLE Health Foundation Welcomes New Board Members

The OLE health Foundation is pleased to announce the acceptance of several new influential board members to the OLE Health Foundation.

As the national debate around healthcare continues to intensify throughout communities across the country, Napa Valley’s largest community health center has ramped up their fundraising efforts with a renewed vision for 2018 with the appointment of a slate of new board members focused on the ever-lasting fight for community healthcare.

“Healthcare is on the chopping block in Congress for our most underserved communities” says Tanir Ami, CEO of the OLE Health Foundation. “It was important to us to bring in board members with a passion for serving this community, and a focus on mitigating the financial impact of any loss in revenue through strong fundraising.”

New Directors include Janette Brooks, Wells Fargo Private Bank Business Advisory Vice President and Napa Valley Resident of five years, Naoko Dalla Valle, founder of Dalla Valle Vineyards and Darioush Khaledi, founder of Darioush Winery.

“We are ready to face the next set of challenges under Tanir’s leadership” says Todd Zapolski, incoming Chair of the Board of Directors for OLE Health Foundation. “We want to foster a culture in this community that recognizes the impact of health centers like OLE Health and the ongoing need for the support of our local partners.”

The new slate of board officers includes Vice Chair Blakesley Chappellet, Treasurer Dan Lynch, and Suzanne Besu Truchard, serving as board Secretary.

OLE Health Foundation board members look to get started immediately with fundraising efforts by hosting it’s annual gala on May 11, 2018.